Unseen (December 2019)

Director: Erman Alp

2nd Director Assistant & Set Photographer: Zeynep Demirhan

Synopsis: Istanbul, today. In the middle of the night, while Ela is sleeping restless in her bed, a man who apparently escapes something or someone knocks on her door. Recognizing this exhausted, unexpected and untimely guest, her former lover, Ela lets her in but she is very concerned. The man trembles in shock and Ela tries to warm him while he is very cold. When she realizes that his fever is high, she puts him in the cold shower and comforts him. In the next morning, Ela leaves a note asking the man to stay for breakfast. She'll leave the house, but She'll come back. As she leaves the house, her eyes are stuck on the man’s muddy shoes. She learns that a murder was committed in the neighborhood the night before and there was an eyewitness. On her way home, the police intercepts her. When she gets home, the man is busy cleaning his shoes. While preparing breakfast, appearance and movements of her ex-lover appear strange to her eyes. He is like a different person, but she won't stand on it. She asks the man who approaches her to kiss her to explain last night, but he passes. Ela seems happy to see him again no matter what. At sunset, they approach each other with love and kiss with lust. Everything seems fine. As she gets prepared to sleep in her bedroom, Ela tells the man about the murder last night. Shyly and as if she had broken the pot, she said that she thought for a moment that her lover was a murderer. While the man joked back, the police raided the house with a big noise.